Anti-Viral Foods to Keep Your Immunity Stronger | And Keep Away From Virus

Coronavirus is the most concerning topic for all around the world. Coronavirus (Covid – 19) generates a state of fear which would be prevented. It is important to wash hands at regular intervals,  to avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, to keep social distance, to exercise respiratory hygiene and to visit a doctor if any symptoms show off. Signs include fever, cold, serious breathing difficulties and cough. If the patient’s immune system is poor, this severe respiratory disease may be fatal,on the other hand if you have strong health, recovery is possible. To prevent any kind of viral illness in the present situation building your immunity would also help keep the virus away from you.

People should be taking good care of their consumption of food and fluids as per the medical professionals. Based on the scientists, the coronavirus easily makes the weak and the aged their target and so it is important for us to have high antiviral food products in your diet to prevent this.This will enhance your immune system and guard you from viruses. Below is a list of anti-viral foods that will help you strengthen your immune system:


One great infection-fighting food you use to improve your immunity is yogurt, a natural probiotic. The symptoms of extreme respiratory tract infections are known to be minimized, and it is advised to be added to one’s regular diet for good health.


Tulsi is an incredibly beneficial herb. Taking one teaspoon of basil each morning makes the immune system stronger. Consuming it with black pepper and honey gives the body to tackle disorders.


Garlic is one of the spices widely used in all kitchens. It has high levels of an allicin compound and is incredibly effective in treating infections while improving immunity. This antiviral food can be added to your soups, vegetables and all other recipes, and eaten everyday.


Ginger is said to have several anti-viral properties, and it should be eaten with fennel and honey to improve the immunity.

Vegetables & Fruits High In Vitamin C

Eating  vitamin C is the most natural way to improve your immunity; so load up on vegetables and fruits like cauliflower, broccoli, capsicums, oranges, lemons, kiwi and grapefruit which have a high content of this vitamin.


Since ancient times liquorice has been an important part of traditional medicine. In this root, the active mixture of compounds has strong anti-inflammatory,anti-viral, and antimicrobial properties, and also helps relieve a sore throat.


Though you may want to use this spice for its exquisite smell, it can do more than just enhance your food tastes. In order to help stabilize blood pressure, cinnamon can also protect your body from all kinds of viral infections. Soak a cinnamon stick in water overnight, and drink it the next morning for best results

We Raja’s request you all to follow these foods to boost immunity and include it in your daily routine. Stay home, Stay safe!

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