“To be the leading spice manufacturer that provides quality products to make your everyday cooking simple, hassle free and healthy”

  • To keep innovating and improving our blend of spices.
  • To ensure the needs of our customers are adequately met.
  • To offer high quality, hygienic and HALAL food for its customers. 


  • We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics in all aspects of our business.
  • We grow through creativity, invention and innovation.
  • Our customers are our pride.

Raja’s History

Rajas Flour Mill Sdn Bhd was founded in 1952 by an energetic gentleman, Mr MSK Kothandabani. He started with a simple grinding facility which caters to the small town of Chaah. He later tried putting together a recipe that his grandmother shared with him. That curry powder mix gain so much popularity in Chaah that people started coming back for more. That spark his light bulb and he began doing small time manufacture of curry powder. These curry powder were then packed into tins and slowly it turned into hot selling cakes. From tin packed curry powder to vacuum packed aluminium food grade packaging today, the growth is really evident in Rajas Flour Mill.

Today Rajas Flour Mill Sdn Bhd is in its 3rd generation under the light of Jaya Kothandapani (Karthick). Through his guidance the company has grown and its now looking to move their new HACCP/ISO certified Factory. Mr Karthick has also been the main driving force behind the change in image of Rajas Flour Mill Sdn Bhd. He changed the logo and also changed various packaging to be more attractive and appealing.


Our small dynamic ever growing team consists of 5 main departments. We are under the guidance of 2 directors that stands as a father and son dynamic duo.

  • Administration, Marketing, Quality Control, Manufacturing and Packaging.


  • 35 years’ experience in manufacturing of curry powder and ready mix spices
  • Learnt the trade from his elder brother and continued the family legacy.


  • Graduated with a MBA from University Putra Malaysia.
  • Created new packaging design to suit current trend.
  • The main driving force behind the building of new company which is HACCP certified.
  • Winner of young entrepreneur award from Johor Indian Chamber of Commerce.
  • Council member of Johor Indian Chamber of Commerce 2019.



Today Rajas Flour Mill Sdn Bhd is standing in a 4 stretch industry factory lot at Labis. The 4 lots cater fully to manufacturing, packaging, quality control and the store. The current facility is HALAL certified and adheres strictly to ISO protocol and procedures. Having in-house month audit and bi monthly cleaning process has only upgraded our strength in the ISO process flow.

Rajas Flourmill Sdn Bhd will be moving to their new 1.5 Acre factory lot which will be HACCP & ISO certified within the coming year. Their goal was to fully atomize and change the nature of approaching the food industry. Educating our team on hygiene and food safety have always been our number one goal, with a new factory in progress this feat can be easily accomplished.



HALAL certification is a key important factor being in a predominant Muslim country like Malaysia. Rajas Flour Mill obtained their first HALAL certification in 2009. Rajas Flour Mill Sdn Bhd products strictly comply to the Islamic standard (MS1500:2019) which is in accordance to the requirement of International Safety and Health Standards.

Being certified with HALAL has increase our knowledge and also our sentiment toward how food product.
HALAL food is not limited to just in Malaysia but worldwide people have started recognizing the needs to comply with this standard. We strongly believe that with HALAL certification we are paving our way to the competitive global market.


Rajas Flourmill Sdn Bhd will always conform with the standards of Malaysian HALAL board in producing food products that are deemed Halal, clean and fits the requirement of shariah law for human consumption. We have a full integrated system that starts from manufacturing right up to the distribution line in ensuring all our products are safe to be consumed.


  • Apply and obtain halal certification for each product.
  • Making sure all staff is well verse about HALAL food safety and procedures.
  • Making sure all new products are compliant with HALAL way of manufacturing and procedure.
  • Having a HALAL executive to keep all staff in check and do daily monitoring.
  • Making sure all staff is trained with basic food handling knowledge.